Sleep, Baby & You

Introduction to Sleep, Baby & You by Professor Helen Ball, Durham Infancy and Sleep Centre, UK (04:58 minutes)

Sleep, Baby & You upskills providers in the most up-to-date sleep science including information about developmentally normal infant sleep; how to support parent responsiveness to infant cues while keeping everyone’s sleep in sync; how to promote manageable infant sleep patterns; how to meet an infant’s needs for environmental enrichment; and how to help parents protect their own mental health.

Sleep, Baby & You does not advocate any form of sleep training, nor attempt to teach ‘self-settling strategies’ or ‘tired cues’. Instead, we empower parents with accurate information. We encourage them to experiment and discover what works for their own unique family.

The Sleep, Baby & You course gives you access to:

  • About 3.5 hours of recorded training sessions
  • Downloadable Practitioner’s Guide to Sleep, Baby & You
  • Downloadable Practitioner’s Guide to Preparing for Sleep, Baby & You (antenatal resource)
  • Downloadable illustrated booklets for parents
  • Downloadable and engaging animations to use with parents in your clinic
  • 2 clinical demonstration videos from Possums & Co.’s Neuroprotective Developmental Care (NDC) Accreditation program

Who can register?

Anyone working with families who feels they would benefit from the Sleep, Baby & You training are welcome to register.

Individuals can purchase Sleep, Baby & You below by simply selecting ‘enrol now’.

Group bookings

Group booking of 20 or more will be accommodated on request with receipt of a Purchase Order. Please contact us via the web form below to discuss.

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Sleep, Baby & You

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