NDC Education Hub

The NDC Education Hub is the professional development arm of the Australian charity Possums & Co.  The NDC Education Hub aims to upskill your education, empower your patients and bring joy to early life.

You’ll notice that our evidence-based research flips a lot of the traditional advice you may have received upside down. We aim to help you trust both your patient, their baby and yourself. Possums & Co. proudly takes an ethical stance against the many unhelpful diagnoses and treatments given to mothers and babies, which can put your patient and their little one at risk of side-effects and unnecessary financial expense.

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About Possums & Co.

Possums & Co. are international leaders in evidence-based support of breastfeeding, baby sleep and cry-fuss problems and parent mood. Developed with various teams by Founder and Medical Director Dr Pamela Douglas, Neuroprotective Developmental Care (NDC or ‘the Possums programs’) offers a genuine paradigm shift. Our work has been developed and published over the past 15 years in about 30 research publications, drawing on the latest research including in lactation science, neuroscience, evolutionary biology, sleep science, attachment psychology and a new set of powerful psychological strategies known as ACT.

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